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Little Haiti is revitalizing nearly 18 acres of unexplored vacant and industrial land in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood to create a walkable urban campus which will be a premier place for technology, innovation as well as entrepreneurship, art and culture, while also preserving the authentic identity of the community.

Little Haiti (MCID), A master-planned urban neighborhood that is committed to sustainability and technology as in addition to art and culture. It covers an area of 18 acres of Little Haiti. It is situated just north of Wynwood, the Design District, and adjacent to the MiMo district in Miami, Florida. The Little Haiti Community neighborhood, which is a place that is accessible and campus-like, allows residents with different backgrounds to live the high-quality living. It also assists in writing the next chapter in history about the way we do life, work and play together.

MCID is determined to bring to fruition a new project that will become an economic engine that is self-sustaining within one of the most vibrant regions of Miami. This development will be inclusive of responsible businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators. The creation of MCID is three phased. The first is assembly, entitlement, and renovating the existing buildings. The second step is neighborhood activation through the lease-up of newly renovated buildings and activation of the MCID Park (current phase). Third, construction of new structures in line to the newly approved master plan.

MCID has been working to transform existing factories, warehouses and other structures into distinctive spaces that are leased to cafes, offices, galleries restaurants, retail stores, and pop-up shops. The team behind the project also established little Haiti neighborhood which is a fund for charity located at the Miami Foundation. This non-profit corporation is 501(c)(3). It supports the cultural, economic, and social prosperity of Little Haiti as well as the many people who live in the area.




Working hand-in-hand with the community over the years and years, has enabled the MCID team to better understand the values and needs of the people who are going to participate in and get benefit from this inclusive initiative. MCID will provide significant benefits for the community. This includes a historic contribution package of as much as $31 million in payments to the Little Haiti Revitalization Trust, which will be created by the City of Miami in order to aid and coordinate efforts to revitalize communities. The trust's priorities include affordable homeownership and housing along with community education as well as small-business development. local workforce participation, hiring programs, beautification for the community and the creation and enhancement of parks for the public. The Little Haiti Revitalization Trust Fund is also being controlled and managed by the local community.

In light of the importance of mobility in a rapidly growing city such as Miami, MCID is focused on improving neighborhood connectivity by improving local roads , and investing in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, as well as open public and civic spaces. The construction of a 2.18-acre pedestrian promenade called the Promenade du Grand Bois, and 3.8 acres worth of civic space are all part of the plan. 

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